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Integration - Image enable your core business applications
Integration with your core business applications and Windows has become a requirement for an Enterprise Document Management System. Information coming from numerous sources must be able to be saved quickly and efficiently into these systems. Likewise, the data in your existing core applications has been accumulated over time, at a considerable expense and is now a valuable asset. These systems must provide a process that allows you to leverage your investment in these systems and data. FileBound provides the tools you need to directly integrate with all your existing applications and to unlock the value of your data.

The FileBound integration solution is broken down into the following four major components:
  • Integration Kit which integrates with Windows, enables desktop scanning, searching, audio recording,
    screen shot capture and CD/DVD production. The best feature? It is all standard functionality!
  • Application Integrator is used to link a businesses core application (i.e. AP, AR, HR, Manufacturing,
    Practice Management Software) to FileBound. This is accomplished in one of two manners. The first is
    the mapping of form fields and using a predefined hotkey to launch a FileBound search or indexing
    event. The second is screen scraping as in a terminal emulator to again launch a FileBound search or
    indexing event.
  • FileBound Object Model - The FileBound Object Model is the API for the FileBound system version 5.
    The FileBound Object Model is built on the .NET 2.0 framework and is compatible with any .NET 2.0
    programming environment, such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The FileBound Object Model provides
    programmatic access to all functions and features of the FileBound system.
  • Custom Development - The FileBound Content Management functionality can be embedded within
    existing applications or used as a development platform to create new content centric solutions.
    FileBound provides the APIs, sample code, documentation, and training developers require to
    successfully build custom Content Management Solutions.

Integration Kit
Save content to the FileBound Enterprise Document Management System from Microsoft’s Word, Excel and Outlook!

The FileBound Integration Kit is a unique and powerful collection of tools that adds FileBound functionality directly to Windows and Microsoft Office applications. The Integration Kit provides several flexible ways for End Users to add their critical content to the FileBound system. The content can be added as new or to existing FileBound objects.

The components that make up the Integration Kit are:
1. Auto-File Menu

Search for, scan paper documents and save digital documents right from your Microsoft Windows Desktop. FileBound is a true distributed application. The Auto-File Menu is a system tray application that allows the user to search for and save digital documents, scan paper, record CDs/DVD's and query the FileBound database and display the associated image. The Auto-File Menu can access multiple FileBound servers and Projects.
2. Auto-File Desktop Icon

Send items to FileBound from your Microsoft Windows Desktop. As the name applies, End Users can drag and drop items onto this desktop shortcut to auto file them into FileBound.
3. Context Menu

Save emails and email attachments from Microsoft Outlook directly into FileBound. The context menu option allows users to right-mouse click on an object and select the Send To option. Once the menu expands, select FileBound which will save the object in the FileBound system.
4. Microsoft Outlook - saving email to FileBound

The Integration Kit provides direct integration with Microsoft Outlook by placing a FileBound icon on the toolbar of Outlook. The user can save the selected email or save the selected email with an attachment if one is present. The whole process is very easy but possibly critical in the litigious society we work in.
5. Microsoft Word - save a document to FileBound

Save documents directly into FileBound from Microsoft word. The Integration Kit provides direct integration with Microsoft Word by placing a “Save to FileBound” icon on the Word toolbar. Selecting this option will save the currently active document in FileBound.
6. Microsoft Excel - save a spreadsheet to FileBound

Save documents directly into FileBound from Microsoft Excel. Saving information in Microsoft Excel is the same as Microsoft Word.
7. FileBound Print Driver

Print any document from any application directly into FileBound. The Integration Kit provides a print driver that can be accessed by any application that prints through the Windows Print Manager component.
The Integration Kit can greatly expand the capabilities of FileBound and your enterprise document management initiatives. For additional information, download the Integration Product Data Sheet above or contact us today to schedule your WebEx tour.    

Application Integrator    
Retrieve your digital content from your core applications

Image enabling your core applications couldn’t be easier. With Application Integrator, you can quickly and easily map a field, create a button (or designate a hotkey) and proceed to query the FileBound Enterprise Document Management System to display the associated images. Another powerful use of Application Integrator is to pass index values, in an automated fashion, between systems to eliminate the labor expense of data entry.
Highlights of Application Integrator include:    
  • Unlimited number of integration configurations
  • Map to a form field or use screen scraping technology for terminal emulator
  • Performs FileBound searches, pass index values or create new file entries
  • Easy to use:
  • 1. Open core application
    2. Click on the Application Integration button
    3. View associated images


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