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Importer Lite is the product to use when you need high volume data and document importing when using the FileBound Enterprise Document Management System. Importer Lite’s flexibility and power comes from having the ability to use multiple configurations and cycle through these configurations to automatically import information that meets the pre-defined criteria. When needing more advanced importing capabilities Importer Lite can meet these needs as well be having full scripting capabilities and allowing new modules be developed that utilize the FileBound Object Model.

Once configured, Importer Lite can be left to run and cycle through the pre-defined configurations. Within these configurations import locations and types of files to import can be specified. When importing, Importer Lite has the ability to monitor several network directories that can have information added to them via a fax server, multi-function copier, network scanners and other similar devices.
  • CSV Data Importing: Importer Lite provides users the ability to import index data from a text file. The use of different modules during setup provides ability to map data to specific FileBound index fields. During the setup process administrators have the ability to select from several different types of deliminators used to identify new file information. During the import process Importer Lite can create new files or identify existing files within a FileBound project and add documents to the file and update the existing file information.

  • Barcode Recognition: Barcodes can be used to provide a means to identify new files during an import. Barcodes can also be used to index new files that are being imported. The use of barcodes can help eliminate the need for manual indexing and make the importing process completely automatic.

  • Multiple Directory Monitoring: Importer Lite can monitor any network directory to new information that needs to be imported in a FileBound server. During the configuration process the administrator can identify multiple different directories for Importer Lite to monitor. Importer Lite can then determine what project, the information will need to be imported into as well as if the document should be submitted into a workflow route within the project.

  • Unlimited Import Configurations: Importer Lite can maintain an unlimited number of configurations. It is these configurations that Importer Lite will cycle through while importing at a pre-determined length of time. These configurations define the directories that Importer Lite will monitor during the import cycles. A configuration file is comprised of different modules that can be place together to direct Importer Lite how to function. Through the use of the standard modules and the ability to create custom modules Importer Lite can provide ample importing capabilities.

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