RTA Office Supplies  
Feature Comparison      
SQL Express
(Limited by SQL
Express Limits)
SQL 2005/2008   N/A N/A
Hosted on Users Server   N/A N/A
Operating System Windows Server 2000
or later
Enterprise Solution      
Concurrent Users Unlimited Unlimited 10
Customization   Limited  
Size of Company Any Any Small/Med
Upgrade Path Increase document count GB Increase FileBound or On-Demand
Active Directory Integration   N/A  
Integration     Limited
Full Text Searching     Limited
Importer Lite Compatible      
Integration Kit Compatible      
MS Office and Outlook Integration Compatible      
Security Features      
Remote Administration Capability    
Capture Lite Compatible      
Scan in the Browser      
Document Emailing      
Plug-in Support     Limited
Viewer Packs Support     Limited
Clipboard Functionality      
File and Document Notes      
File Tracking      
Search and Retrieve    
Document Printing    
Document Exporting  
Folder View  
Annotations of TIFF Images
Browser Based Retrieval
Electronic Data Supported
Full Audit Trail and Reporting    
3rd Party Software Integration
Store any File Type    
Web-Base Interface    
Plug-and-Play Setup
Quick View Document Viewer    
Archive Creation Functionality    
API / Web Services for Integration    
Supports Multiple OS's and Browsers  
Data Encryption (Transport - SSL)  
Data Encryption at Rest Capabilitys  
Non Proprietary Image Format    
Retention Manager Accessible
Project/User GUI/Wizard Configuration  
Online Indexing Queue  

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