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Document capture is often the critical first step in the Enterprise Document Management process. Import data from paper, fax, and electronic sources into subjects your business applications can consume. Capture Lite will lower your human resource costs, enhance customer relationships and advance the process of business compliance. Capture Lite is an off-the-shelf FileBound product that integrates seamlessly with our biggest selling Content Management Solutions: ECM, SaaS and Express. Capture Lite provides a user friendly interface that allows distributed offices to easily capture images from remote locations.

Out-of-the-Box Integration

FileBound Capture Lite utilizes the FileBound Object Model allowing the application to automatically communicate with an existingor new FileBound V5 server.

Fully Compatible with FileBound EDM, SaaS and Express

FileBound Capture Lite connects to the different FileBound products allowing users an easy-to-use scan and index interface; upload files and documents right into your existing FileBound Document Management Solution.

A Simple and Easy to Use Scan and Index Interface

FileBound Capture Lite provides a simple interface that allows users the ability to see documents as they are scanned into the application. Subsequent to scanning, your documents are revealed in a tree-like structure within the application. Document indexing is performed within this same easy-to-use interface allowing the user to enter index information from the document.

Inherited User Security Settings

Upon logging into FileBound Capture Lite, users are required to select a FileBound server and enter a username and password before being granted access; thus utilizing the security settings that have been previously configured for the select FileBound server.

File Search and Indexing

After scanning, users will associate the scanned documents with a file. FileBound Capture Lite provides the ability to perform a search within the selected FileBound project. This feature allows users to associate newly scanned documents with an existing file – removing the hassle of having to reenter the file indexing information.

Barcode Indexing

FileBound Capture Lite supports the use of the “3 of 9” barcode format – allowing the ability to create new files and divider breaks as well as populate index values. FileBound Capture Lite supports the use of barcode break sheets; speeding up the process of indexing while also reducing errors that occur during manual indexing.

Multiple Project Upload Capabilities

Capture Lite enables users to toggle between projects and scan into the different batches for each individual project. When all documents have been scanned into your projects, Capture Lite can be set to automatically sequence through all your projects and upload any batches that are pending.

Businesses misplace and prematurely delete immeasurable amounts of corporate data and intellectual knowledge every day. Your sales people store files on their laptops, developers keep user requirements on paper-based notepads you’ll never see and every day business fails to capture and memorialize essential meeting notes and emails related to revenue generating opportunities. Every one of these events leads to loss of productivity, inefficiency, lost ideas and unrecognized revenue opportunities. FileBound Capture Lite makes possible a business’s ability to successfully capture, easily index, and resourcefully capture critical business ideas.

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