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“Dynamic balance - our strategy for your success. Now and in future”

Develop South Africa a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bidvest Group Limited will be focusing solely on enterprise development and knowledge transfer, within the Print, Copy, Fax and Scan arena.

Develop is a leading provider of modern office communication solutions with independent distributors and specialist outlets in 56 countries world-wide. Develop market systems, software and services for document production and for document management. With its range of products and services, Develop is establishing itself as a leading provider of office automation and document management for businesses world-wide. They are trendsetters and are making a confident and creative contribution towards shaping the future. Develop assess, design and guide existing and prospective clients with the primary objectives being to increase productivity and efficiency in our customers’ environment.

  DEVELOP Product Range
Office Products

Black & White Communication Centre’s
ineo 213
ineo 282
ineo 362
ineo 421
ineo 501
ineo 601
Colour Communication Centre’s (Machines)
ineo+ 203
ineo+ 253
ineo+ 353
ineo+ 451


All techinical and maintenance work has been outsourced to

Workflow Utilities
  • Output management
  • Document management
  • Cost management


Toner, Staples and paper


  • Efficient Performance in essential office functions.
  • Rated speed – for both simplex and suplex.
  • Optional networking and communication capabilities.
  • Hub of office communication.
  • Improved information workflow.
  • Ease of use
  • Media versatility and flexible finishing
  • Different communication centre designs for different
    work spaces.
  • Options:
    - Extensive range of fax options
    - First-class finishing options
    - Uniform driver interface
    - Biometric authentication
    - Keyboard
    - Colour touchscreen display
    - ineo remote care
    - High-quality HD toner
    - Security features
    i-Option offers innovative and intelligent functions to provide
users with further help in their daily work.

What exactly is i-Option?
The term refers to a range of options which can be activated
directly in the firmware by means of an activation code.
Examples include a web browser function enabling the internet
to be used directly on the panel, the Image Panel function to
facilitate the management and combination of documents or
the Photo Registration function which enables personal
photographs to be uploaded for faster access.
In future, it will be possible to incorporate new options into this
modular system on an ongoing basis, thus tailoring the
available functions more precisely to your needs. Your benefit
in that is you only pay for the functions that you actually
require. i-Option is already integrated in the firmware, and can
be activated by technicians at any time in the course of
servicing work for swift and simple installation. The simple and
intuitive mode of operation means that no training is
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